A few weeks ago, I found Meyer lemons in the grocery store — the first time I’ve ever seen them here. I couldn’t resist getting a few pounds and making marmalade. The only problem is that we don’t really eat much marmalade, or jam for that matter, so we gave some away as a thank-you-for-coming gift at a recent party, and have used it as part of a jam spread, but that’s only made a dent in it. So, I was super excited to find Melissa Clark’s marmalade cake recipe. Instead of the orange marmalade, zest, and juice, I used Meyer lemon marmalade, zest, and juice with some lime juice (because I didn’t have limes kickin’ around). I hope it turned out well — I’ll find out tonight when I take it to a friend’s party. It does look really good, though!


I couldn’t resist cutting and trying it before the party:


The crumb was a lot lighter than I expected and the peel offered some texture variation. Overall, it had a bright lemon flavour. I’m a little worried that it wasn’t quite done in the middle, but the slight sogginess may have come from the heavy concentration of icing. Overall, I think it’ll be a nice addition to the party and I’m looking forward to making it again!