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30 cups of chokecherry syrup.  

In a park near our house, there are several chokecherry trees.  I’d never really noticed them before, but, after our trip to Victoria during blackberry season and after watching people out picking the fruit which grew wild on the sides of the running trails and roads, I started to notice.  We finally managed to get out to the park to pick some of it.  Mark felt a little silly, but it really seems like a waste of fruit not to pick it, especially since I think that the city should start planning fruit trees in parks, rather than just decorative trees.  Maybe the people seeing us will pick other fruit in other parks.  

Anyway, we were out later in the year, so although most of the fruit this year was very plump, some was quite dry.  However, we managed to get eight litres of berries off just the branches that we could reach from the ground.  Image

Aren’t they beautiful?

It was my first time making chokecherry jam, so I mostly followed this recipe from Mennonite Girls can Cook: http://www.mennonitegirlscancook.ca/2010/09/chokecherry-syrup.html.  When I boiled them and juiced them, I ended up with 6L of juice.  This was turned into 30 cups of syrup.  I did add another cup or so of sugar (it had tasted a little flat) and a little bit of pectin (because it wasn’t thickening).  I then water bathed the jars for 15 minutes.  It turned out quite well.  We had some syrup from the jars that didn’t seal over ice cream.