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Mmm… Rhubarb tart… a rich almond crust, pastry cream, and candied rhubarb.  I made this a week (maybe?) ago, and have just had time to post it now.  I’ve never made pastry cream before.  It was very cool!

This is the cream and vanilla bean extract before cooking:

ImageI didn’t get a picture afterwards; I just thought this looked so pretty.

The rhubarb was a bit more difficult.  It deteriorated quite a bit, even though I didn’t cook it for very long.  I did like the syrup that was left over, though:



Overall, when combined, it was very good, even if I didn’t have the correct pan.

Two notes: although I used the French Rhubarb Tart recipe from the BBC, I didn’t like the reviews of the cream, so I used a different flour-based one.  Also, it is very useful to have the tart pastry hang over the edges of the pan.  The edges got quite burned.  I left the burnt scraps on the counter after I cut them off; for a day, Mark kept trying to eat them even though they did not taste good at all.