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A couple of weeks ago was the New York Times’s “Pie Edition.” There were gorgeous pictures of different fruit pies and articles about various pie traditions. It was all too much. I felt compelled to make this spiced plum crumb pie. It’s fantastic, and the pie crust was almost like puff pastry. I had to take some pictures because the chutney (first picture), with its little rosemary stem from our garden, just looked so pretty. The pie itself looked amazing too.

I like pies, though I don’t make as many as I would like to: unlike this cake trend we’re seeing, where an overly decorated cake which may look very nice will likely taste terribly, there’s nothing to hide behind with a pie. A pie like this has no decoration, just warm fruit bubbling around crunchy brown sugar crumbs within a crisp butter crust. Can you get anything better than that?

The chutney before cookingFilling mixed together

The final product