I’ve volunteered to do another feast for the same group that I catered for in December, but this time for 80-100 people.  I’ll be able to cook at the venue this time, so I can do different things without worrying about transporting them there.  I was originally planning to have roast chickens for the main meat… that is, until I saw capons at my local butcher’s.  Actual capons, not just large chickens.  I brought one home to try out — the marbling in the breast meat was incredible, and, even though I cooked it too quickly, it wasn’t overly dry.  I’m looking forward to doing the feast.  Menu’s below!

October Feast Menu:
Salad with a berry vinegarette
Bread and flavoured butters
Vegetable barley soup (with capon stock, of course!)
Roasted and stuffed capons with sauces
Roasted seasonal vegetables
Bread pudding with salted caramel sauce.