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Last weekend, for my Mark’s sister’s “rehearsal” dinner, I offered to make the desserts.  The couple (with some “influencing” from Mark’s parents) chose a chocolate torte with salted caramel sauce, a black forest boule-de-neige, a strawberry-rose roulade, and olive oil ice cream.  I was able to get locally grown cherries for the boule, which were deliciously tart.  When I looked for my torte recipe (which had been listed at FLavoursmagazine.ca — formerly one of my favourite magazines), the website redirected to flavoursworld.com, which was not helpful at all.  I did find it (or at least a very similar recipe) on the Best of Bridge site, which makes me think that the first one was just a copy.  Although I was trying to make this one dairy free, I love the instruction that, when the torte falls, just fill it with whipped cream.  It’s very good advice for more than just tortes.  Mark took some pictures for me, which are below!

A just-cut-into Boule-de-Neige (which mostly consists of a pound of chocolate, some cherries, and some eggs):




A Strawberry-Rose Roulade, which, although the eggs fell before I mixed them with the flour, rose perfectly and rolled nearly perfectly.  I grabbed some roses from Mark’s parents’ garden for decoration.  There were two more at the end, but someone removed them to take a piece…:




The Chocolate Torte, with a bowl of caramel on the side.  I forgot to rotate it in the oven, so one side was a little darker than the other:




Overall the desserts were very good.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t open our windows while I was cooking (due to the neighbour’s air conditioner being very close to our window) do it was 35C in the kitchen while I was cooking the night before, but everything turned out well.