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We just happened to have a carton of old fashion whipping cream (36%!) in the fridge (goodness knows how that got there!), so I decided to make a raspberry lemon layer cake from Bon Appetit.   I added lemon zest to the curd, which made it more lemony than I expected, but it is certainly bright and springy!  I’d like to use raspberries from our garden sometime, rather than frozen berries.  The curd, though, didn’t set as well as others I’ve made in the past — it might have been not using a double boiler… and the several minutes I forgot about it and left it without stirring.  I also made a lemon syrup and poured it over the cake layers because they didn’t seem lemony enough.  The batter was fairly runny, so it settled on the counter, then expanded in the middle (leaving it 1cm on the side and 3cm in the middle).  I overmixed the batter a little too, in an effort to get it smooth.  I should have just ran it through the stand-mixer.  However, I filled it all with layers of curd and whipped cream and dumped whipped cream all over it.  The cake layers themselves are very tender.  I used 10 eggs and a double-batch of curd for this little project.  I also added some curd (rather than the fresh berries the recipe recommends) and some lemon zest to the top for decoration.  I think it looks pretty good. 😀