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I’ve been looking at mason jar crafts on Pinterest and, though I really don’t fully understand the trend, I was inspired to use some of the jam jars I have to make desserts for supper with Mark’s parents.  While the main dessert was vanilla creme brule, Mark’s dad doesn’t eat creme brule for some reason, so I wanted a different dessert for him.  Because I wanted it to be an individual dessert, I thought I could use some of the creme brule bowls we have, but, in looking for ideas, I started down a rabbit hole…  Some of the mason jar recipes are so cute!  I first thought of something like apple pie in a jar or an individual cheesecake… but then I realized that the left over raspberry curd could be reused in a similar cake!  Thus, the result:


For the cake, I used the same recipe as yesterday’s lemon layer cake with the leftover raspberry curd.  I used vanilla bean whipped cream rather than the raspberry curd/whipped cream mixture in the big cake for a different flavour and for a bit more contrast in colour.  I also halved the recipe so I had two cake layers instead of four.  Two layers would have been enough for four of these jam jars (we only had enough curd for 3, though).  I was really lucky that one of my biscuit cutters fit the jar perfectly, so I had perfectly round cake pieces that were small enough to get into the jar but big enough to squeegee down the whipped cream that got on the inside sides of the jar.

Another picture:


And, the nice thing about using jars is that, when there was one left over, we could remove the whipped cream topping and stick the lid on it!  It’s a small footprint in the fridge and one less thing we had to saran wrap tonight:


Now the only trouble is finding something to do with the 8 egg whites I have in the fridge from the creme brule and two cakes…  and getting more jars…

I’m excited to try this cake again this summer with a fresh blueberry curd instead of raspberries.  I think it would go well with the lemon cake.  It also seems like a good recipe for preparing a day or two ahead, sealing, and then decorating right before a party.  Unlike a cake, there isn’t much chance of these getting damaged in the fridge.