Again, I forgot to take pictures, but I just finished cooking supper for 40 people.  In August, I volunteered to cook, and the event finally came and went.  We made foccaccia, curried carrot soup (with 25c of homemade stock), beets with horseradish vinegarette, 5 pumpkins stuffed with bread, cream, bacon, and cheese, a turkey stuffed with duck, chicken, and bread, and five cranberry-pear tarts (with orange curd).  Mark was my sous-chef and took care of the beets, bread, and pies.  However, when I woke up, he was trying to make the curd by placing the top portion of our make-shift double-boiler in the boiling water, so he had a few scrambled egg pieces.  We got it sorted out quickly and all was fine.  We ended up putting the turkey into the oven with three hours to cook, so it spent a great deal of time cooking quickly at 450F (oops) and we pulled it out when it reached 155F, rather than the 190F that the meat thermometer recommended.  It was fine.  The gravy turned out well — half a bottle of sauvignon blanc in the roasting pan while the turkey cooked, then the rest of it into the drippings with some corn starch.  It was a little sweet, but that’s fine!  The larger pumpkins collapsed (since we cooked them in the morning) and, when we served them, people didn’t seem to understand that pumpkin meat was edible, so they mostly just ate the filling.  Oh well; more pumpkin for us to take home.  The crowd ate the entire bird (minus three servings).  Fortunately there was someone there who carved it for us (I was not looking forward to that).  We have quite a few leftovers, which is nice.  It took, in all, three days to shop for and cook everything (which means that I don’t have my essay or marking finished), but I really enjoyed cooking everything.  I was a little nervous about the turkey (I don’t tend to do roasts well), but it turned out great!