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We had lots of lemons left over from the lemon layer cake a few weeks ago because I asked Mark to buy a dozen just in case.  In the interest of using them before the went bad, and using up some of the apples we had, I made a bunch of pies.  The apple pies were fairly standard and were frozen raw, so I won’t comment  much on them.  I let the apples sit in the sugar to drain some of the juices and then mixed the juice with some flour to make a sauce and poured it over the apples once they were in the pie shells.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

For the lemon meringues, though, I made lemon curd and non-cooked meringue.  The curd wasn’t thickened with anything, so it became runny when the meringue was cooking.  I think this caused the inside of the meringue be too moist or something because I had difficulty cooking them.  I think next time, I might heat up the egg mixture in a double boiler before whipping it, and then just browning with a torch or the oven.  I might also make the lemon filling thicker.

I used vanilla sugar for the meringue, which worked quite well.  I find that lemon and vanilla go fairly well together.

The crust, which used a pound of butter for a lot of pie, was excellent.  It is so much better than lard.

I gave most of the pies away, so I won’t post pictures.