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I’m catering a Christmas party in early December for 20-ish people.  I’m planning to make a turducken, pumpkins stuffed with cheese, bread, and cream, beets with horseradish vinegarette, curried carrot soup, and dessert of some kind.  I’m very excited, especially for the turducken.

I’ve taken bones out of a chicken before, but I’ve never kept the flesh intact while doing so.  Our local butcher had some good advice about boning birds and I found a very good video about it from Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.  After watching that, I really want to take the bones out of different birds now!  I highly recommend watching it.  Now, I just have to find a turkey (or large chicken), a duck, and a cornish game hen to bone…

Julia Child & Jacques Pepin Prepare A Stuffed Turkey Roulade on PBS. See more from Cooking in Concert.

And, just for fun:

The Thanksgiving-erator from the NYTimes

One Turkey, Many Decisions from the NYTimes