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Not quite baking, but something just as fun — sorbet!  I got an ice cream maker last year for Christmas, which was just fantastic.  A few years ago, I received a camping ice cream maker which is a ball shape with an inner canister, so the ball gets filled with ice and salt and the canister gets filled with the ice cream base and, because it’s a ball, people can toss it to one another to freeze the ice cream instead of turning or cranking it.  The problem was that I was still living in the apartment with a very small fridge-freezer.  So, I had nowhere to store ice.  In the winter, I’d have some on the balcony (though none of my friends understood why winter would be “ice cream season” for me…) or I tried collecting hail during one hailstorm one year (it didn’t work as well as I had hoped).  Last year, when I got the new ice cream maker which is not hand-powered and has a freezable canister, I was very excited (though we didn’t actually get a freezer until a couple of months later…).  I’ve been working my way through Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home (which I highly recommend if you haven’t heard about it), but I haven’t gotten around to making a sorbet yet (despite promising a lactose-intolerant friend I would make some for his birthday… last March…).  However, I’ve been thinking about making some orange-cranberry sorbet if we get cranberries in our Good Food Box…. that could be fun.  The recipe from Virtually Homemade might be a neat place to start… Even though I can make ice cream all year around now, I still love Ice Cream Season!