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Well, I haven’t figured out what I should do with all of the apples and lemons, but I did have some fun doing something else last night.  I was asked to cater an event for 50 people.  There was 40$ worth of cheese (seven varieties: drumlock (my favourite), le roy brie, cranberry wensleydale, pepper-jack, smoked gouda, a 2-year old cheddar, and a mango-ginger stilton (excellent)), five baguettes, 5 dozen cookies, 5 boxes of crackers, one large and one small veggie tray, a large fruit tray, 12 bottles of wine (3, each, of malbec, pinot gregio, cab-merlot, and chardonnay), and some juice.  Mark helped cut everything up and kept refilling the trays There ended up being 80 people at the event, though I’m not sure how many people stayed for the reception after the talk.  We had 1.5 bottles of wine left over (thank goodness for twist caps), most of the veggies and some fruit, the equivalent of 1~ baguette, and many crackers left.  Not a bad attempt.  I received complements on the drumlock and the entire spread.  I also, apparently, went under-budget.  I had a lot of fun and hope that I get the opportunity to do more of that sort of thing.  I enjoy feeding people with other people’s money!