We had Mark’s parents over for supper so I had an excuse to make pizzas again.  I think they were a little over proofed and, perhaps, a little over kneaded.  However, they were still very good.  We had prosciutto & mozza and salami & mozza.  They were both very good.  Although I’m not usually a big fan of salami, I really liked it on the pizza.  I over-estimated the time it would take to make the recipe — it’s a 6-ish hour recipe and I thought it was an 8-ish hour recipe.  However, everyone seemed to enjoy them anyway.

I also made a lemon cake because I had wanted to try it.  I wish the genoise cakes were a little lighter… and maybe I should have placed a little more syrup on them.  Despite that, it was quite good.  I couldn’t manage to persuade Mark’s parents to take some home, so I’m going to attempt to freeze it.  I like making this recipe; it’s a four page recipe and it takes a day to make.  😉

Pictures below!