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I ended up going to Dim Sum instead of getting up early to make croissants for mass.  So, I have a block of dough in the fridge to shape tonight.  I’m thinking about making them, freezing them, and giving some frozen croissants to my running partner for his birthday this week and making the rest for mass next week… or making them when we are going to have people over…  I am very interested in how well they (and their fillings) will do after being frozen. However I did do some useful work last night that I wanted to post.  In an effort to find new fillings (because who wants to be constrained to chocolate and cheese?), I bought a few types of cheese and some Italian Prosciutto at the cheese shop last night.  Mark and I then compared different cheeses to the jams we had in the fridge and the prosciutto.  The following is what we came up with:

Smoked Mozza and Strawberry Jam

Dark chocolate and Strawberry Jam

Edam and Prosciutto

Edam and Apricot Jam

Gryere and Chokecherry Jam

I decided to try jam because it has a lower moisture content of any other fruit-flavoured thing I could think of. I hope it’ll work. I’m also wondering if proscuitto would go well with dark chocolate… Ooohh the possibilities!