In an effort to find a large group of people who will eat what I bake (and not complain that it’s going to ruin their figure like Mark does…), last summer I started baking for the after-mass socials on the occasional Sunday.  I’d baked stuff for the Easter celebration after I was invited to bring food two years ago and the cake I brought (a festive Battenburg) went over very well.  Again, last year, I brought a couple of cakes just because.  I hadn’t really thought about bringing food at other times of the year because there was always donuts provided by Campus Ministry.  However, things are different in the summer.  Because I attend mass at a college chapel and not a parish, the year runs, in part, according to the academic year.  During the regular academic sessions, the campus ministry team provides donuts from Tim’s, but they don’t in the summer.  Thus, the worshipping community are encouraged to bring baking to supplement the coffee and store-bought cookies that are provided.  Needing a role within the community and needing an outlet for my baking energy, I started bringing cakes and stuff whenever I could for mass in the summer.  Now that term’s started again, I’ve noticed that people are still bringing baking in even though there are donuts. 

This leads me to my quandary: should I bake something for this week and, if so, what?  I have essays to mark today, but something that has lots of time between steps might provide a nice break between essays.  The sugar cookies yesterday went over well in the department, so I could make more and take those… or I’ve been wanting another excuse to make a nice layered dough (maybe have make prosciutto croissants again).  Or, I could find a new recipe to try… or, I could do nothing and just show up to sing in the choir… Well, if I end up making something, I’ll try to remember to post pictures this time!