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My students handed in the first essay of their university careers today, so, to compensate, I made them sugar cookies.  I opted not to use the ABC cutter that I used last year because the students last year didn’t think it was nearly as cool as I did.  Instead, I cut them into rounds and dusted them with sugar.  In retrospect, I should have used vanilla sugar, but I forgot about it.  I used up all of the vanilla in the house, though, except for one lone vanilla bean.  It’s strange– like being out of butter.  Anyway, I told my students to grab a cookie when they handed in their essay, but apparently sugar cookies either aren’t popular with first year students or my students didn’t think that cookies at 9:30am would be a good idea.  Thus, I was worried that I was going to be carrying very fragile cookies around with me all day.  Fortunately, we had a marking bee later this morning and the cookies went over much better with other people, so I didn’t have to take many home.

Some reminders for myself: I used the recipe in The Art and Soul of Baking (I forgot which recipe I used last time, so I had to find a new recipe); don’t panic if the dough doesn’t come together after the first mixing (it wasn’t sticking together, so I almost added another egg yolk or something.  They turned out well without it); finally, make sure to keep an eye on them when they first go into the oven and keep an oven mitt on hand in case they aren’t cooking correctly.

I’d post pictures, but there aren’t many left!