With the golden leaves falling off the trees in our area, it means that snow is just around the corner.  I don’t like November (or March, for that matter) because of the leaf-less trees, cold weather, and overall lack of snow, so I mentally skip from the gorgeous October to snowy December.  This means that, while I’m thinking of autumny pumpkin and apple desserts with hints of warm vanilla and bourbon, I’m also looking recipes to be made in December.  (This might also have something to do with the fact that I found my copy of last year’s Christmas edition of Bon Appetit…)  A few years ago, instead of giving actual presents to our friends, we gave them home-made candy and other such things.  Chocolate cheesecake bites, chocolate bark, peanut brittle — that sort of thing.  It went over well, so I’m thinking about doing it again.  I’m currently compiling recipes and deciding whether to pre-test the recipes throughout the next couple of months or just start playing closer to Christmas…. Either way, I’m happy to have found another excuse to use some of the 15lbs of butter in our freezer!

More related to fall, I saw “apple pie soda” listed on a drink menu recently and I’m thinking about trying to create a liquid pie-in-a-glass experience.  I have lots of pumpkin sitting around, and apples that need something done with them.  If it works out, I’ll post pictures.  Stay tuned!